Monday, 6 March 2017

Chapter 68 - Oh You're Baking! That's Grea..t... What the!!?

In on a tray.... Out on a plate... Damn I'm Good!

Katrina works in the Cuisine Industry and as a result is always cooking up a storm in the kitchen.  However, her latest thing is baking.  She is all about mixing, rising, dusting and frosting.  But after making batch after batch of box mix brownies and breadsticks she was feeling superbly underwhelmed by the limits of her oven.  

So, in what I hope was a moment of madness, she bought perhaps the most elaborate and over the top contraption for making cupcakes I have ever seen!  I mean come on!  What ever happened to those little light bulb ovens?  We had to literally remodel the kitchen and remove a bathroom to fit this thing in.

That being said we did recoup some of the money for the thing as the contractors actually gave us money for the walls!  That's right the walls, they took 'em out whole and shipped them off, like some flat pack home.

But Katrina is more than happy with our new addition, so please say 'Hello' to the newest member of the household - the CupCake 2.0.
That's right box mix brownies!  Tremble at my Cupcake Maker!

The cupcake maker is now Katrina's pride and joy and after reading through a manual the size of a small dog she figured it out and made a very satisfactory plate of vanilla cupcakes.  She spent most of the first day tweaking and twiddling and, ultimately cleaning, the machine and now appears to have a good grasp of the basics.

However, it seems that making baked goodies is the only thing on her mind, our house is literally flooded with the things.  She has said that she will not stop until she has made, and perfected, every recipe in the manual and then, she announced, thinks that she could make some of her own recipes herself.  Oh, Lord.

I see counter space! Fire up the ol' CC2 Machine!
I fear that the house may not be able to withstand much more of the baked goods and it seems that some members of the household are suffering more than others as a result of Katrina's new hobby.

The smell!  It's.... it's..... ME!!!!!!

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