Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Christmas Aspiration Attempt - Blog Post Ten

I find on the computer a recipe for creating a life extending drink.  It is simple to follow.  I believe that I can do it with the few ingredients I have at my disposal.

I set about my task and I am happy that after only a small number of tried I have created what I believe to be the right blend.

One drink of this and I will have the time to finish my quest.  I am growing old and the extra days this will give me will be enough.

But as I lift the glass to my lips, the walls leaning in to watch the results, I find that I am doubtful.  I look around at my four walls.  Choosing to remain in this prison longer than required, have I truly gone mad?  But to fail to complete my task is an admission that I have wasted my life on a venture that was pointless.

Others have attempted this challenge and they have not resorted to extensions.  They have succeeded and failed through their own merits.  No other.  I should do the same.

I lay the drink aside.  But yet, I cannot bring myself to throw it away completely.  It remains motionless on the counter as I continue my daily life.  

But it's noiseless questioning is deafening in the silence of my room.

But no, I have chosen to do this the right way.

The real way.

I am ready for this.

Although, now that the time approaches I find myself wishing for these four walls for just a little longer.  What is here is familiar and warm.  The place I see now is dark and unknown.   

Perhaps it will be glorious.

Perhaps I have made a mistake.

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