Friday, 10 February 2017

Chapter 65 - A House Full

237 channels and never anything on!

In the stilllllll, of the niiii-iight!

I was all set to try and determine what the dealio with the look-a-likey toddler was when I got a call from Katrina.  She said that I needed to come over IMMEDIATELY!  There was something that she needed to tell me and she should have done it sooner and if  she waited any longer she may chicken out again.

I hadn't seen or spoken to her since or last date.  And what a date THAT was.

Oh yeah, I was cool like a cucumber.

Cool like an ice pole!

A sexy icy pole and everyone wanted a lick!

Yeah! Lick that pol...

Wait. What?  That seemed so much better in my head!

Anyway, it had been about three or so days since I had spoken to her and I was monumentally too dense to realise what THAT meant.

Even when she took me inside as there was 'someone who wanted to meet me' it didn't even sink in.  I picked the tiny screaming bundle out of the cot.

It smelled.

It smelled bad.

Katrina had left the room.

I wished I could.

I tried to just ignore the smell.

Nope.  There was only one thing for it... Oh, Brother!

It was while I was elbow deep in bottom related paraphernalia that I suddenly realised who this little bundle was.  I am not afraid to say it stopped me in my tracks.  I've never felt this way before, not sure I ever will.  The sudden realisation that there is another, tiny little, you in the world.  And that he is entirely helpless and dependant on others for help.

Dependant on you..

Dependant on daddy.

Errmmm, hello tiny sim.
I think I am your daddy

I am glad we have met

You'll never have to cry again.  Daddy's here.

I put our little bundle back in his crib and he fell asleep.  Although I could have watched him sleep for ever (why is that not creepy with babies?) I knew there was something that I had to do.

Looking around at Katrina's house, it was sparse.  There was barely wallpaper on the walls.  I suddenly realised how much Katrina had been struggling after the death of her parents.  Looking after a house and her kid brother.

And now a baby.

Not anymore.

I went to her and immediately asked her to move in with me.  No strings attached but that this baby was mine and I had a duty to care for it and if providing a warm, safe home was something I could do then I had to do it.

At first she was reluctant.  This was her family home and what about her brother, Alexander.  She could very well leave him behind.

I told her that he was more than welcome to come too.  They were all invited.  He could have my room at the top of the house, his own little domain.  And the downstairs bedroom would be for the baby.  She could decorate it any way she wished.  Money no object.

She agreed and the moved in that very night.

I like to think her agreeing to move in was out of undying love for me but I fear it may have been the interior design privileges.

Jordon's room......

..isn't anymore!

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