Monday, 13 February 2017

Chapter 66 - I'm Not Saying my Work is Weird...

"The Smell!!  I swear to Watcher it wasn't me!"

Act Natural!  Act Natural!
Work continues to be a series of failed experiments and blagging elements and crystals from my workmates.  And as a rule my work colleagues continue to be the elusive and hermit like creatures of habit that they have always been.  I have however, begun to notice that there is something rather unusual about one of my new friends.

I mean, I am not one to judge, no sirree.  But I have to admit that the more time that I spend with her the more I am coming to the conclusion that this is not an elaborate stick-it-to-her-parents makeover.

I don't think you are going to believe me but I think she is an alien.  

Not convinced.

Lets look at the facts:

One:  She is blue and has strange pointy ears.  Now you may say, Kyle that's cosmetic surgery.  But answer me this, how do you get your entire body blue?  Full body tattoo?  Come on!

Two: She comes to work in a spaceship.  Again perhaps you'll argue that she's a scientist, so why not.  Or that she invented some variation on a hot air balloon.  But explain this... to enter the thing she presses her nose three times, tweaks an ear then evaporates!

And three:  She has never once used the bathroom.  And I mean NEVER!  Never.  Not once!  How do I know?  Believe me if you had seen our 'facilities' here you'd know how I know. 

Hey!  So Aliens, right!  LOAD of pigPlum!  Am I right!?
I was finally convinced after I started a conversation with her about the ludicrous notion that there might be life on other planets.  At first she smirked and said how could I be so sure.  

I agreed and said that I couldn't be sure, but added that even if there was, there was no chance they would be anywhere near as advanced as us and probably nothing more than some kind of ooze, or at least sensationally stupid.  She seemed to get quite upset.

I feel that I have seen you before....
At home we have some exciting news.  Seems Pedro (I know, I know, Katrina chose the name!  And I know, he looks like a girl!  Blame Katrina again!) has decided to become a toddler and it is driving us INSANE!!

We attempt to feed him because he is hungry but he won't take the food.  We leave the food for him and he takes it but then won't eat as he has decided to have a tantrum!

Put him in the highchair, Kyle! I hear you cry.  We TRIED!  Four times in a row but all that happens is he stares at us before wandering off!

And don't get me started on people 'helping out'!!  Argh, I learned at school that in the long, long ago how babies were considered a social responsibility of all sims but that it could cause problems when the primary carer couldn't hack their way through the well meaning visitors to care for their child.

Well, it appears to be starting again.  Seems the household is drawn to care for Pedro and it gets. in. the. way!

I still can't shake how much that kid on the street looked like me and now I see Pedro as a child.... the mystery deepens.

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