Tuesday, 7 June 2016

Chapter 61 - Party Battle

"Oh Lord!  I've drawn the same thing.  Again!!"
Easter and Jaxon decided to celebrate their new house with an improptu birthday/house warming party.  I wasn't invited.  Part of me is glad as I have absolutely no idea how to warm a house.  Rub the walls really fast?  Or perhaps some kind of knitted item, though that would need some mighty big needles I can tell you!  

I guess some kind of fire would do it but that is likely to go to far and it would become a house burning party and to be honest at the point the host's house goes up in flames I think you can stop calling it a party.  

The birthday bit I get though.  It's just cake!

I got to see some of the photos though.  Katrina gave them to Kyle, she was invited, and he showed them to us.  Apparantly Jaxon was not very excited about the party and they had to bake him two different cakes.  The first one was apparently not 'party' enough and in order for the party to be a complete success a specific cake had to be baked.  A Hamburger cake.  The fact Jaxon didn't want a hamburger for a cake seemed to be irrelevant to the party Gods.

But Jaxon aged up well, so I am told.  Although I have yet to see a sim not manage it.  I mean it's an automatic thing, you never meet someone holding hands with a kid and they say,

"Hi, I'm Susan and this is my husband, Trevor.  Please excuse him he just never managed aging up."

"Nope.  That's right!  Could never master it, what y'gonna do!"  *shrug*  As he extends a hand and gives you his corporate card.

"oooo oooOOOooo OOOOOrang-u-tan!"

As it happens we couldn't have gone anyway.  For some reason, I think it was to do with the house Easter had built, Alex's competitive side came out and she decided to host a party at the exact same time.  She pulled out all the stops and threw a Black and White Party.  Not sure why black and white but those are the colours that she said were 'in'.  In where I am not sure, certainly not in my wardrobe, I had to go out and buy a whole new set, otherwise I was told I would have to just stay in the garden till the party was over!  I guess that's why the colours were 'in' and the other colours were 'out', it was a reference to where on the premises different colours had to be!

"Oh it is ON!  Like Donkey KONG!"
She called up every single sim she knew and invited fifteen of them to the party.  I don't know why she called the rest.  She couldn't find anyone to play the piano at the party but luckily mum dropped by just as the party started (apparantly we were, in fact, being loud enough to wake the dead).

"And now a little number that you might recognise....the theme from Ghost.."
Of course mum was quite an accomlished pianist when she was alive and it appears that the same was true after she died.  That's right people, don't let a little thing like death stand in the way of doing what you love.

Even with mum's amazing playing I think that any party where the entertainment is provided from beyond the grave is going to be struggling.  And ALex's certainly was struggling.  No one seemed to know what to do.  We tried to get them to listen to the piano playing, to y'know get them in the party spirit but it just didn't seem to work.  They would watch mum playing but apparently not actually hear her.  

It was a disaster.

"Oh my God, she's dressed as Leia and the dancing!"
Over at the Holiday house the party was bordering on epic!  There was food, frolicing and bad dancing.  People actually were listening to the music, which was making a massive impact on the whole affair.

"Who IS that guy!"

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