Thursday, 2 June 2016

Chapter 60 - Keeping Up With the Bustamantes

Dance Party with Easter
"Mash potato..."
"Mash Potato..."
"Swimmin' the Nile!  Swimmin' the Nile"...
"...Got by a croc.."


In the Holiday house Easter and her son decided to pool together all the money they had and make themselves a brand new modern and stylish home. Their dreams are much bigger than their budget at the moment but with Jaxon starting his new job as a doctor they are sure to be able to expand to their dream very quickly. 

The biggest change to their property was the creation of a huge open plan living area in the very centre of the house.  With massive industrial sized windows.  Easter took one look at them and said

"No way!  No curtains!  Imagine washing them, they'd never fit in the machine!"

The trouble with not having curtains at the windows, it meant that you saw everything that was going on, and everyone that was walking past.  And it appeared to Easter and Jaxon that the big candidates in the Walking Past category were the Bustamantes....

"Kyle and Jordon...."
"Jordon and Carson..."
"Alex and Carson (with Lillian and Sideburn Man)"
"I know you are in there..."
"I see you!"
What was it that they wanted? Ever since Alex had been over asking about that weird woman and her egg hunt it seemed that no matter how often they turned around, there was a member of the Bustamante household.

Jaxon tried to be friendly with Jordon, as he was the one that was around ALL of the time.  But the boys never really hit it off.

"Why does he keep coming round here?  All he does is draw rude pictures in our books and make comments about our TV!"

"Dude!  Stop it!"
"It's like a window!!  To the Past!!"

"I know I should be nice.  Mum has told me all about how much the Bustamante's did for her and her mum.  She says they've a lot of money, well, I know they have, I've seen the house, but she says they have earned it all.  They are not scroungers, but sometimes I wish mum hadn't moved out of the house.  I could be living there now!  Not that this house isn't nice, but come on!  Have you seen their place?  A pool!  A rocket!  This Jordon kid doesn't know he's been born!"

"I have started my new job as a doctor though and I am loving that.  I'll have to take you guys to work with me one day, show you around.  I want to be a surgeon!" 

"Also, it is great to have a paycheck.  Heck!  Perhaps I'll make it to a million before those Bustamantes, that'd really stick it to that Jordon guy!"

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