Monday, 30 May 2016

Chapter 59 - Chu Chu

"If I were you I'd move the black one over to that white funny looking one over there."

Things have been chugging along nicely at the Chu household.  Mr.  Sideburns has moved in and has been making his mark on the family.  In particular Lillian is now pregnant!  Yes, a little sideburns is now on it's way.

Apart from that he doesn't seem to be making much more use of himself however.  He is very lazy and a slob, so Lillian is left doing most, if not all of the housework.

"Out of the frying pan.....on to the stove..."

In order to help her mum out a bit more Katrina is learning how to cook.  She puts a lot of effort into it, but, as with so many sims, she is struggling to grasp the basics.  But she will get there no doubt.

"No, I think the salt goes over your other shoulder."

A regular visitor to the Chu household is Kyle and by regular visitor, I mean ALL THE TIME.  I guess we can see why he is never seen bothering the Holidays.

He and Katrina get along very well with each other and I think Kyle is secretly hoping it will become more.  But it seems that Katrina has another 'friend' in the running.  A friend who continually calls and texts her while she is in the company of Kyle.

He is not happy about it.  But without actively reading her phone there is no way for him to ever find out who it is.  How can he compete with someone when he doesn't even know who it is!?  Or even if it's someone he needs to compete with.

Of course he has tried to subtley ask about it.  But she always answers in the same sort of way..

"It's just a friend.  They sent me this cute video of a baby llama rolling down a hill.  Look!... HAHAHAHAHA.... Look at 'im bounce!!"

Kyle really doesn't know what to do.  But he realises he is going to have to do it soon.

"And...I'm invisible again"

As Kyle practically lives at the Chu household now it was hardly surprising that he was around for the birth of Katrina's new half-brother.

Her mother chose to have the baby right in the kitchen while they were all sitting down to dinner.  Kyle was heard to remark,

"Ermmmm.... so.... ummmm... odd weather we're having?  Like, I mean, no weather.  None at all... ummm.... don't you find that... ahhh...weird?"

Whilst trying to focus on his pancakes.

"Nope, nope, it wasn't the curry!"

When the baby was born, Lillian went to lie down and Katrina went off to work. This left Kyle as a rather unwitting baby sitter. He has never even seen a baby before, let alone been left in charge of one, so, as you can imagine he was a little nervous. 

He soon discovered it involved long periods of nothing interspersed with short, frantic periods of blood from the ears levels of noise and various bodily fluids on full flow.

Oh yeah, and smells.  So many new and perculiar smells.  Which, apart from instilling a sense of accomplishment once you had rid yourself of the source, were something he could live without.

" #underwhelmed "

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