Monday, 9 May 2016

Chapter 52 - To The Moon and Back

"Not as many boxes as I had envisioned."
As you may remember, Jordon had asked for a rocket for his birthday and it turns out they are as easy to come by as a new sofa.  I had been right, you can get them 'online' and it wasn't a difficult process to track one down.  It did come with "some assembly required" but I figured that was half the fun.  Although it does worry me slightly that they expect you to go up in space in a rocket you built in order to increase your skill set for building a rocket to go up into space.  But what do I know?

It wasn't as cheap an undertaking as simply buying a rocket and parking it in the garden, however.  As you may recall there is not a lot of garden space left, we are forced to expand vertically.  So we built (also obtained 'online') a third floor.  We placed a small room up there with a microscope in it and outside on the roof we placed the rocket.  On top of the micrscope room we put an observatory.  I'll admit I am a little intrigued myself as to what might be up there, especially after my strange encounter...

Jordon got stuck into it right away.  Even though it was the middle of the night.  He is convinced that the answers to our money problems can be found on another planet and he intends to put that theory to the test as soon as he can.

"Holy Cow!  How did all that fit in those crates?!"
On the first night, alone, he got the thing out of the box and set up.  I am sure the neighbours are wondering what on earth is going on.

The thing didn't seem to come with any form of instruction but this didn't seem to stop Jordon at all.  He got stuck in with the few tools that we own and actually managed to get it looking like the bottle rocket from Button Moon.  And those guys were always fine so I am happier now.

"All out of fizzle!"

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