Monday, 2 May 2016

Chapter 50 - The Start of a Quest

"This is Simon Simmian reporting for Simming Around the Clock.

    A new craze is sweeping the sim nation and it seems that even the most sane among us is being drawn in.  And it is all about finding eggs.  Painted eggs.  Yes, you heard it here first.  Water your plants, bash at rocks and pull up spuds!  It has never been more exciting.

   All, none or fewer of these activities could grab you one of these shiny eggy trophies and if you can collect them all... well, *he he he* you are gonna be in for a treat, I can tell you!

   So what are you waiting for sims, get out there.  I know this reporter is going to be up to his pits in gardening glory as soon as this mic hits the desk."


"Yep.  They're everywhere."

"There's another couple out the back here."

Alex took the arrival of the eggs in her back garden seriously.  She is not one for having things left a mystery.  She doesn't even like presents to be wrapped for too long on her birthday!  She knew there had to be more to it than just a strange happening, or freak weather. 

The paper said that there had been reports of a woman hanging around the gardens in town and that it was believed that she had something to do with it.  Alex headed over there on her very next day off.

She looked all over the garden.  Watered a few plants.  Harvested a couple of potatoes and even found a frog but there was no sign of the woman.  She began to think that the whole thing was a waste of time. 

Then she remembered that Easter lived around there.  And for that matter Tobias' family too.  Perhaps they new something about what was going on.  Lillian was out so she headed to Easter's place.

"Ok, so I am here."
She was reluctant to go in.  She didn't really know Easter that well and felt a bit out of place on the wooden boards.  She felt almost guilty that she lived in such a nice place and Easter had moved away into, well, into this.

"Why are the walls so high and the door so small?"
Easter was a little surprised to see Alex, they had only met in passing before and to see her here, at her own door, was slightly unnerving.  Partly because of the fact she didn't know the woman but mainly because she couldn't begin to guess hwy she had arrived.  She began to fear it was bad news.

Alex, too, was feeling uneasy.  How would she start that conversation...

"So.  There's colourful eggs in the garden, you seen anyone about that knows about that kind of thing?"


"I keep finding eggs when I harvest my roses.  That...been...happening to you?"

"I just don't get it?"
Alex tried to explain t he problem to Easter but she just couldn't get her to understand; firstly that there were eggs appearing out of nowhere in her garden and secondly that there was someone, there had to be, who knew about this whole thing! 

Easter, in complete desperation, suggested they try looking it up.  If this was an annual thing perhaps it was in some history book or something.  She knew she had a book of local history somewhere around the place.
"My extensive book resources"
*sniff*  *sniff*  "Was that you!?"
Alex stayed at Easter's house for most of the day.  They poured over the books that she had there and they were half successful.  Nothing about the strange appearance of these eggs but there was something in a book about the Holidays.  It seems that there was a branch of Holidays that became less popular with main stream society and had faded away.  Most people thought for good but there was one group who still followed the traditions of the Holiday's and believed that they were a lot of fun.  In that book there was mention of a festival of New Life, known in the old simlish as Easter.

"Easter.  That's named like my name!" 

The link seemed uncanny and Alex and Easter supposed that could relate to eggs.  It's were chickens come from.  That's new life.

"Yay.  I'm named after a weird festival!"
Alex knew she was on to something.  She just knew it!

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