Thursday, 21 April 2016

Chapter 47 - Who Will They Be?

"He eats soup...with a fork."

Kyle and Jordon are growing up fast.  It seems like just yesterday that they were babies.  In fact, I checked the calendar, it wasn't yesterday at all but it wasn't very long ago.  Not long ago at all.  No wonder they tell you to cherish your children, they aren't around very long at all.

They are both very keen on school although I have to admit that apart from doing their homework they don't put much more effort in.  And we are having problems with Jordon.  I think it must be somekind of defience thing but we are at a loss as to what to do.  When we tell him to do his homework, he does it, but he does it across the street in the pavement.  Now I am at a loss, I mean he is doing as we ask but in a really odd place.  At least we can see him from the house, so we know he is safe.  Hopefully he will grow out of it!

I think Jordon is different somehow, but I am not entirely sure how.

"Ooooo yeah!  Shake it!  Come on Mr. Coffee... Shake yer thang!"
Kyle on the other hand is a total firecracker.  He is very into talking to people and loves dancing.  Although he does seem to have imaginary friends in the form of the kitchen appliances.  Again, not sure if we should be worried or not.

It is going to be the boys birthday soon and we had a family meeting about what they would like to do to celebrate. We were most surprised by thier answers. They told us that as the family was trying to support granny's legacy of making a million then we shouldn't be wasting money on a huge get together and they would be perfectly happy with just a quiet affair at home.

"Of course, I'll be able to start on my rocket ship as soon as I'm older!"
They even said they were happy to age up right now, that way they could start working and do thier bit towards raising that million. 

Alex got started on a birthday cake and the boys told me all about what they wanted to do when they aged up.

Jordon is really into space, apparantly, and he has asked that for his birthday he gets a rocket ship and an observatory - so much for saving the money for our million!  I am not sure where you buy a rocket ship, I will have to check 'online', you can get everything 'online'.  I don't know how they fit it all 'online' but you find it, click it and then 'poof' there it is.

Kyle just said girls.

"Seeing as it's your birthdays we'll let you stand on the countertops."

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