Thursday, 14 April 2016

Chapter 45 - Strange Goings On

One night, right outside the window there was a strange sound.  The Bustamante household slept peacefully.  All, that is except Carson.  As the buzzing continued his sleepy body sat up in bed, and in an almost, un-sim fashion, swung his legs over the edge of the bed and placed his feet on the floor.

He rose, like a zomb-sim and walked animalistically across the bedroom and opened the door.  He moved through the kitchen with an eerie silence and headed out into the garden...

"Duuuhhhh zzzzzzz  Guhhhhhhh"
There were some other sims on the pavement but they either didn't see him or they didn't care.  Alternatively perhaps this kind of thing happened to them on a regular basis.  So much so that it had lost all intrigue.

Carson wandered down the path before turning back into his garden.

"Arrgggg... Brains...."

He stood motionless in the back garden before suddenly appearing to become aware of his surroundings.  He looked around himself, dazed and confused by his, apparent, sudden appearance in the garden.  While he tried to grasp the meaning of his predicament he heard the strange noise that had lured his sleeping form out here.

He looked up.

A light appeared to emanate from the very airspace above him.  He squinted into the glare and attempted to shield his eyes.

It was only then that he realised he was now suspended above the ground and was rapidly ascending into the source of the light.

He was alarmed but powerless.

"What the....?"

Elsewhere in the house another terrifying event was taking place.  

Christmas opened her eyes, awoken by a strange icy draft that washed over her.  Assuming an open window she pulled the covers closer around her, in an attempt to block out the chill. AS she drifted again towards sleep a memory flashed into her mind.  A recollection.  A ghost of a feeling that she had felt before.  Her blood ran cold.

She sprung from the bed and saw that her fears were true.

Death had returned to the Bustamante house and he had come for her mother.

I Death have returned once again to this house for to carry out my immortal duty.  

This Eve I have come for one Summer.... Summer...   
     Hang on till I find the thing, on this thing.  Tap that thing.  Scroll....scroll....tap the...No! I 
     tapped there not that...stupid...thing. Ahhh... there it is...

This Eve I have come for one Summer Holiday.   
      Seriously? Geez.

There is no pleading this time.  Your house has been given too many chances to meddle with the dealings of Death and he has foreseen that he cannot be bothered with the paperwork this time.

Be gone, lest ye be reaped.

"Usually their own kids look somewhat more...peturbed!"

As Summer's body drifted into the Immortal realms of urnhood, a new gravestone appeared mysteriously in the garden beside a conveniently placed sunflower.  Who planted it?  Did they know of this upcoming calamity?  And if so how?  And why didn't they spill the beans?

But now the household was down to five.  And with so many young I fear their progress towards their million will be slowed.  I hope they are not disheartened and give it all up to become Llama Farmers.

Only time will tell.

"And then there were three"

Out back Carson fell out the sky.

"Brakes! No Brakes!  Prepare for impact!!"

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