Thursday, 7 April 2016

Chapter 43 - Here They Come!

"You had your own hospital gown!? Where did you get it from?"

Being a dad is something I have thought about a lot.  I really liked my dad and I really wanted to have a little person to share experiences with.  And to play games with.  But I hadn't realised exactly how stressful it would be or how quickly they grow up.

I am sure I didn't grow up that quickly.

When Alex told me that it was time to go I didn't know what she meant.  We didn't have any plans to go out and I had just been to the bathroom.  I told her that but that is she wanted to go to the toilet I could pause the film...

She hit me with a cushion.

She meant to the hospital, the baby was wanting to come out and she said she wasn't having it at home.  I was so excited and scared.... and a bit nauseous.... and kinda gassy. 

But I remebered what I had to do, my role, I called a taxi, we don't have a car.  No sims do, except the taxi drivers.  I wonder where they get them from?  If I was a taxi driver would I get a car?  And keep it at home?  How do you become a taxi driver?  There's never job vacancies when you look?  Perhaps they work for themselves?  But then where do they get the car?

"Relax Mrs. Bustamante.  I've been doing this for days."
I wasn't allowed to go into the delivery room with Alex, I had to wait outside but the doctor seemed very nice and told me not to worry.

So I didn't.

I peaked through the window and could see him using a machine.  It looked like a really fun game.  I wish I could have a go.  I love games.  I think I am going to buy an arcade machine.  *Ptchewww Ptchewww Brrrrrtrrttrr...*
" the power...up!  Gotcha!"

I couldn't believe it.  No wonder Alex had been getting so cranky!  And huge!  She had two people inside her!

When she came out of the delivery room she had a little bundle of baby and then when we got home we discovered another one that matched!

We called them Jordon and Kyle.

"Hey there, Jordon"
They were really hungry. They were always really hungry.  I don't know where they put all the milk.  Actually I guess that's what the nappy is for.

"Hey, there Kyle"

It seemed like they were only babes for a few days and then suddenly they were all grown up.  They look so similar and Alex wants them dressed the same.  It doesn't seem to to bother them but it makes my brain hurt sometimes.

"'s my reflection."
They both want to be Rambunctious Scamps, I am not sure what that means but it seems to involve spending a lot of time on the monkey bars so I bought them their own set for the garden.  We don't have much of a garden for children but managed to fit them in.

If Alex can squeeze in a pool then we can squeeze in a kids toy.

"You're behind you!"

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