Monday, 21 March 2016

Chapter 38 - Easter's Party *Part 1*

"Booyeah!  There's gonna be cake!"
Easter became an adult.  Finally she made it to an age that matches her personality.  She has been desperate for this.  We decided to throw a huge party for her.  We invited everyone!  And even got a few people that we don't even know!

That's right.  We are offcially Party Crasher Cool!

Summer went all out with the food.  Lobster Thermidor and the most elegant cake I have ever seen.  When Easter aged up we were surprised to find she looks very much like her father and chose a much more casual wardrobe than we had expected of her.  Maybe she is living her life backwards!

"Heehee!  I see your bra! - Shut up, doofus.  It's called Fashion, duh!"

Alexandra played Happy Birthday on a Tootie Trumpet.  Apparently its an Aborsiminal celebration instrument, or something.  Sounded a bit like a Llama blowing its nose.  But her family are decendants of the first Aborsiminals (or something) and every member is taught to play the Tootie.

"I get cheesecake and now they produce the real cake!"

Adulthood suits Easter very well.  As I say she has been older than her years for a long time and she was now free to try all those interactions that had, until now, just never appeared for her.  I just hope she plays it safe and doesn't over use them, Sims get really bored by that!  She seemed, at first, a little confused by her transformation.  As if she didn't know what to do, she just stood and swayed a little, even though she had been asked several times to call her guests for cake.  We waitied patiently, this is her birthday after all, and she soon snapped out of it and off she went.

"Alone.  By the bin.  And.  No cake."
Summer had relented and allowed Troy to come to the party.  She figured that if Easter was going to have any kind of relationship with him then she need to get to know this guy.  It took her a while to spot him and when she did, we realised why.  I have to hand it to Summer, she kept her cool.  It seemed that Troy had aged up since his last meeting.  So that, coupled with the strange glowing thing he has going on.... 

Summer asked Easter about both and she just rolled her eyes and added a "muuuuhhhmm" for good measure.

"This guy is, ermmmm, on..what?  Fire?  Or something?"
Easter knew exactly how she was going to celebrate her knew found interactions.

And with whom.

"Seriously.  Save me.  Please!"

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