Thursday, 17 March 2016

Chapter 37 - The Right Thing to Do

"Ahh, people we hardly knew ye!"

As you may remember Summer got into the habit of stealing gravestones and we ended up with people on our property that we really didn't know.  As the world has a ghost problem at the moment we realised that there was no way we could have ghosts of people we didn't even know wandering around.  So Carson, in a rather sensible and, surprisingly, level headed move decided to release the ghosts into the afterlife which meant we could, without too much guilt, place the gravestones into storage.  As we seem to not be able to get rid of them any other way!



Also, as you may recall, Tobias is having a hard time being old.  It appears that with his ageing has come a new confidence.  A confidence that has seen him laying it on thick with every woman that he meets.  Young and old. 

After his disaster in the bedroom with his last lady love he decided that finding himself a younger more 'hardy' mate would be in his best interests.  And it so happened that a friend of Carson's happened to by on one of his more 'awake' days.  (It's true us oldies sleep a LOT!)

"You are all old and stuff!"
At first she seemed a little less than impressed by the 'old guy' being 'weird' but Tobias has a way with the ladies and very soon this bizarrely mis-matched couple are hanging out more and really enjoying each other's company.  It appears that we have discovered where Easter is getting her 'age doesn't matter' vibe from.

"Tobias, we have to talk!  Your's gross! Oh and I'm pregnant. Ta Daa!! *Jazz Hands*"
Well, Tobias quickly finds out however that with a younger lady it's all fun and games until someone gets pregnant.  At first Tobias couldn't believe that it was his, he is, as he put it, 'a dusty old relic'.  And I will be honest, he behaved shamefully.  He piled on the 'I'm too old' and the 'this isn't right for me'.  He kicked the poor girl out of the house and didn't call her for days.

"Are you saying you got pregnant as revenge for my dirty sink?"

A few days in our highly speeded up world can change lives, however, and before long Tobias received the call.  Lillian had given birth to a beautiful baby girl, Katrina.  Strangely, when I spoke to him later the only thing that concerned him about the whole 'fatherhood' thing was he worried about the kid being teased, like Katrina the Latrine-a.  I told him he was showing his age and did he really think that any kids out there even knew what a latrine was?  He said no, probably not.

"A baby you say? I was expecting it would be."
Lillian told him that the baby had been given her name and she was stuck with it, it just sort of happened at the hospital.  And had he seen that machine for getting the baby out!

The few days had given Tobias the time to calm down (and listen to a few stern words from me!) and he was more accepting of his role in this and said he would step up to the plate.  In fact what he actually said was  "I guess if you do the dirty you gotta change a few steamers!"

"Speak up...I'm old.  And wearing a hood.  And  baseball cap.  And...chains!?  What. Am. I DOING!?"
Tobias knew what he had to do.  But before he could explain himself to Lillian, someone stole his phone.

He took a few of his masterpieces down to the auctions.  They fetched a good amount.

We will miss him.

"Never too old to play house"

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