Monday, 14 March 2016

Chapter 36 - When The Timing's Wrong

"It's only a party once death shows up!"
Easter, being a teen, wants to party.  Party ALL of the time.  She has a Party Animal trait or something!  She even takes what she calls Disco Naps.  I have absolutely no idea what one is and although part of me is curious I think I would rather remain in the dark about it!  But, being a teen, and a rather awkward one at that, we feel it is better if she is chaperoned.  Luckily Carson is not much older than her and she can stand to be seen with him, especially if Alexandra goes along too.

"Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun... FEEL THE BASS!!! Dun Dun Dun Dun Dun"

Easter is not really the typical teen.  She chooses to wear suits and is more worried about her career and her relationship future than she is about school work.  Don't get me wrong, she busts a gut trying to get ahead in her job but it is to the detriment of her school work.  She doesn't relate to those her own age and was always happier hanging around us adults rather than the other kids in the house.  So it is no surprise that as soon as she reaches Club Headbanger she is chatting away to practically the only adult in the place.  She seems to attract them, or at least she seems to repel the teens!

"This party is BOSS!!!"
On one particular night Alexandra and Carson were less than attentive and Easter got chatting to a rather nice gentleman called Troy.  There was something, other worldly about him.  But she seemed to really like him.  Summer had some words for Carson when she found out.  Although her argument kind of petered out when she asked the rhetorical question

"You were suppose to be looking after her! She's a teenager!  He's an adult! Are you some kind of idiot!?"

"You've got some, err, moves there, pal!"

Alexandra and Carson returned to find them shaking their thing on the non existent dance floor.  I really don't know why people head to Club Headbanger, it advertises itself as a nightclub and there is no dance floor, no DJ and only a dire little speaker which is blocked by an old, out of tune piano!

Carson tried to be the responsible one and kept a close eye on Troy's every move.  But apparently Troy had a way about him that got to my Carson's brain because his conversation with Alexandra took a serious turn.  Well, as serious as Carson can ever be.

"My love for you is like a hanky, useful, soft and umm... in my....pocket?"
"Alex, let us dance the dance of love"
"I didn't have any pockets so I'll just get this out of...."
"Ta Daaaaa!"
"I had to eat three whole boxes of cereal and pay P&P.  But you were worth it!"

So it appears that my ditzy son has snagged himself a fiance.  I do hope she realises what she is getting herself into!

Easter on the other hand has, apparently, chosen her husband (tch! teenagers).  I don't think he knows yet, and we are hoping that he'll have 'gone home' by the time she comes of age and can do something about it!

"Me and my glowing friend, Troy"

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