Thursday, 10 March 2016

Chapter 35 - A Little Older, A Little Saucier!

I wasn't the only person getting old in our home.  It has been a serious attack of the wrinklies in our house.  Tobias was, of course, the first to go the way-of-the-grey but he appears to have decided that the time has come in his life to step it up rather than grab his slippers.  

He took on a new aspiration in life.  Bodybuilding.  I kid you not.  He's got a treadmill in his bedroom and goes out jogging every day.

He also decided to step up the relationship stakes.  Tobias has never really bothered with a partner and to be honest I didn't think it bothered him.  He seemed perfectly happy with his paints and easel.  

However, he went out and got himself a lady friend.

And they were inseparable ever since. Except when he was jogging.

Unfortunately for Tobias it was very short lived.  On the very day they discovered each other's feelings, she passed away.

Sad though it is, you know you've done your life right when you are WooHoo'd to Death.

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