Monday, 29 February 2016

Chapter 32 - Life Goes On

It seems like only yesterday that Christmas was born and today she became a child. Her 'Uncle' Tobias painted a portrait to comemmorate the occassion.

"So, this is the mad house..?"

"I was going to celebrate through the medium of interpretive dance, but.. I didn't."

I realise that I never documented the birth of Christmas.  It was an odd affair but I did manage to get a few snaps of the happy day.  For some reason, known only to herself, Summer invited Grim along as her birth partner.  There seems something ironic about that situation.  

However, Grim excused himself almost the second he arrived.  He had business to attend to.  Well, it is a hospital I guess if work is likely to come up, it's gonna be here!

Summer of course has been here before with little Easter so she wasn't that worried at having to go through it alone.

"Man, are you ever fat."

"You ok in there?"

"Don't worry, it's like the grabber machine at the fair."

"Aren't those machines designed to make you LOSE!"

"Ok, the squirting yellow fluid.  I am concerned.  Did the machine just WET ITSELF!"

"And... release. the. prize... I mean baby."

"You're the best prize at my fair."

"I will love you always, little baby Christm...eugh, eugh baby sick!"

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