Thursday, 25 February 2016

Chapter 31 - Alexandra In A Field

It was Alexandra's birthday and Carson was invited over.  Alexandra called him personally.  He went around with a goofy look on his face for the rest of the day.  And no, most people didn't notice the change.  On the day of the party he got himself dolled up in his own unique style.

I am so glad he had found Alexandra, I really am.  Because I know that Carson is a special young man and only someone capable of looking past, well past his outside is going to see his inside...

"Loooookin' sharp!"
"When I arrived at Alexandra's house I was expecting, well, I was expecting more house than I found.  She had told me that her family lived in a different way to others but I hadn't expected this.  I assumed she meant maybe they had their bedrooms on the ground floor and the living room upstairs, I know people do that sometimes, and that is freakin' crazy right there!  It'd be like being upside down, but, not, cos you wouldn't fall on your head or nothing, but like y'know, upside down!

I still wasn't sure what I wasn't seeing, I didn't even see her family, and then it dawned on me, they must be invisible!  I wanted to ask if it was intentional or like, some kind of horrific accident, like Spiderman, cos that would be cool, well, apart from the horrific accident bit, but I guess that would be rude.  I decided not to mention it at all.

I wonder how the house went invisible?"

"Your house, it's, like, spacious, new-age?  Or something?"
"We stood around for a while, on the pavement.  I wasn't sure what to do.  She seemed to be expecting me to say something.  If there were other guests there then they were invisible too and I couldn't hear them, or the music.  What if I am supposed to be dancing!?  I didn't want to walk anywhere either, in case I bumped into someone I couldn't see, THAT would be embarrassing.

Alexandra looked a little down.  Perhaps she couldn't see her family either, or the party.  That's sad.  Imagine having to live with people you can't see in a house that's invisible.  I couldn't imagine not being able to see my family and I know I would be walking into furniture all over the place, I do anyway, and I can see it!"

I wish... I wish I had taken a shower.
"I am not the best at reading situations but I do know how to make Hot Dogs and the magic BBQ's by the river always have a huge supply of uncooked, fresh, yet unrefrigerated food available to cook.  I worked my magic with the dogs.  

There was a girl tree on the other side of the river.  She looked like the only girl tree in the area.  I guess the boy trees must fight over her.  Unless they are scared of her, like, geeky boy trees, there certainly weren't any near her.  It must take a tree a long time to move over to another tree.  And what if they don't like each other.  What a waste of time.  Maybe that's why they fall down, trying to lean over to far or moving to quick.  Maybe all trees like each other when they get there.  Some must do anyway otherwise there would be no baby trees."

How many dogs actually go into one of these?

"Alexandra didn't say much while we ate the Hot Dogs.  I guess she was trying to imagine what her cake must look like.  I couldn't do cake.  I can only do Hot Dogs.  I asked her if she would like me to see if the BBQ had some visible cake for her birthday she looked at me kind of funny but said no.  Maybe she will feel about for her invisible one later, doesn't want me to see her if she gets it on her face I suppose.  Although if it's invisible, I wouldn't actually see it.  It is confusing having an invisble family."

This whole thing is a little crazy
"After we had eaten Alexandra thanked me for being with her on her birthday, she said it was nice to have someone around.  Someone around she could see I guess.  I said that I was glad I was here.  And that it must be difficult not to be able to see her family, and get, like, a birthday hug.  She looked at me funny again. 
Then she hugged me real tight.  I think she was crying."

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