Monday, 22 February 2016

Chapter 30 - Summer Changes Direction

It seems that Summer took what I said to heart. She decided to try her hand at something else. But she didn't know what to choose. She decided that she needed to speak to someone who had seen things from the other side. And not just the other side of the argument.
Erik may have passed on but he hasn't moved on, every so often he floats in. One of the perks of being dead is there is no need to buy footwear anymore. And also wear and tear on carpets is no longer a problem.
That evening Erik came to speak to Summer, for most of the conversation he hovered unsettlingly over a plant, he looked like a basil bush with a head.

Are you and that plant, like, a thing?
Erik told Summer that she needed to do something like his job as a doctor. He told her it felt as if some force greater than his was guiding his moves every step of the way and that's why he succeeded. Perhaps she should look for a job where she could be pushed around more, kind of like at home.
Are you and that plant, like, a thing?
So Summer grabbed her phone and told her job where they could post their pastries and chose a job she knew would fit her calm, selfless, ditzy, grey matterly challenged demeanour...
I'm done with doughnuts. Through with Chou. Quittin' cake!
Summer became a police officer...

I'm going to get hat hair."

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