Thursday, 18 February 2016

Chapter 29 - Things Get Serious

It seemed to me that this household had lost it's focus. We were supposed to be making a million here but people seem to be doing their own thing without any regard for the big picture. Here we were living it up and I felt like I was the only one really trying.
I called a house meeting.
And no, I have no idea who the guy to my right is. He was just walking past the house and got caught up in the excitement!

"Listen guys, we've got a problem."
I asked Summer to prepare some food, and credit where it's due, she did an awesome job, Rack of Lamb and a Cheesecake. But I had to let them know that I wasn't happy and Summer was an issue. I told her that although she was a great cook and had worked hard she was still only on level 4 employment with the restaurant and continually did poor work there. Something had to change.

"Basically, it's you."
I had to say these things. They needed a shake up. Did I feel bad? Possibly but this was all about my goals and we were running out of time. I think I may have upset Summer but that was a risk I had to take.

"But, but I love pie!"

Next I got serious with Carson, this is not my problem alone. There is no way this raise a million is going to happen in my lifetime (not at this rate!) so he needs to come up with some super idea for what he is going to do when the challenge becomes his. I am concerned. Carson is not known as a bright spark, or even a cheap, battery powered tea light, but I have to trust he can do this. I have no choice.

"Tobias.  Tobias. TOBIAS!! Hearing Aid!  Turn it on!"

Tobias. Tobias has done relatively well with bringing in the cash with his paintings but I don't see how he will ever progress far through his chosen artists career, even with all his talent.  He has just become an elder.  Time is ticking big fellow!  The new guy at the table kept trying to butt in with 'helpful' suggestions but to be honest he was more of a hinderance.  I would have been happy if they had even had some link to what we were talking about.  His best idea was something about selling fish from an old lemonade stand he had seen washed up on the banks of the river.

"His ideas... they are so bad!  Please make him stop!"


  1. Love the description of Carter as not the brightest bulb.

  2. PS: There has been an issue with career promotions. I have noticed particularly around level 4 the progress is checked for proption with a full performance bar. Work day ends and no promotion.