Monday, 7 December 2015

Chapter 23 - To Find A Lemon

Summer needs help.   No I mean she actually needs help.  Physical help.  She is still struggling with her cooking career.  She looks like she's going to work with 'a full meter' but she never gets promoted.   It's really bumming her out.  She still spends HOURS in the kitchen, whipping up what I think are amazing meals.  Day and night.  It's really washing her out.  And there is nothing worse than a washed out Summer!

I have decided that the only way I can help her is to try and provide her with an amazing array of fruits, veggies and herbs to aid in her cuisine. Our fruit garden is pretty rubbish to be honest.  We own one apple tree.  

I decided to get us some lemons.

I set off to the desert, because as we all know lemons love to grow in the desert...

"I fear this tree does not fulfil my current needs."

"I shall bide my time.  It can't take that long to grow a tree, surely!"

"This feels eerily familiar.....*flashbacks!*"

"So that's why I never catch anything!  I need that bitchin' ensemble!"

"Well, it's big.  But not big enough!"

"Bah! I'll just take a cutting and get my graft on!  I've been waiting ALL day!!"

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