Monday, 30 November 2015

Chapter 21 - Here Comes Another Holiday


So, my seed that I fished out of the lake, the one that appeared to have horns... well, it has horns. It grew into what can only be described as a tiny cow head.  There is a tiny cow head growing out of the middle of my lawn!

I feel I should rid myself from it now but there is a side of me that just can't look away.  That just has to know.  Will it grow a body?  Will it walk about?  Can I .... milk it?!

In the time it took me to grow a cow head on the lawn, Summer has grown a whole new person.  Her little daughter Easter was born at home.  And in true Summer style she popped back to her usual skinny, svelte self instantly.  Cow.

But little Easter is a joy, she hardly ever cries and always has a faceful of smiles whenever anyone talks to her.

The Doc is still not sure about parenthood, I mean he is a elder after all.  Its the best he can do remembering how to dress and feed himself, let alone another person.  But he has given it his all, although I think he is finding it more tiring than he is letting on.

I hope it doesn't cause his work to suffer.

"Doctor, Doctor, I have trouble sleeping!"
"Lie closer to the edge of the bed.  You'll soon drop off."

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