Monday, 23 November 2015

Chapter 19 - It Needs A Little Something

"Today I will succeed!"

I love my garden, as you know.  But lately I have been feeling like it needs something more.  Something big.  Something sentient and dangerous.

I have been gaining a lot of skills from these books that I have recently purchased about gardening.  I got them secondhand from simBay, bit moth-eaten but what do you expect.  But the most interesting thing in them was a small piece of paper, a newspaper clipping, tucked inside the dust-cover.  It spoke about a magical seed that would grow into a large and beautiful plant.  It told how the seed was not easy to come by and the plant was not easy to grow.  It also said something near the bottom about man-eating and grow at your peril.  But the magical bit sounds cool right!

"Shhhhwwwziiinnng...... splip"

The article said that the only known seed had been thrown away into a secret location and that this place (pictured below) would never be disclosed!  Well, I knew where it was immediately and set off.

When I got there I used my troublingly hidden fishing rod and within about 2 hours of fishing I had secured a small wooden box.  Inside I found a black and white seed.  It reminded me of a cow.  What a thought?!  What if I grow a cow!? LMAO!

"I got it!! The's all slimey!"

I took it home and dumped it on the lawn as I really, really needed to pee!  After my de-watering I went back to it and planted it properly.  Gave it a little water and sang it a little song.  I wonder what it will be like?

"Are those....horns?"

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