Thursday, 5 November 2015

Chapter 14 - Well Hello!

So, I have some news.  BIG news.  And it is all about the make a million challenge I set myself, that is why we are all here after all.  I explained the whole situation about the make a million simoleons to Summer.  She thought it was ludicrous and told me I was insane and how was that ever going to be possible.

"You can help me" I said.

She looked at me blankly

"You're serious?"

"I am deadly serious!" I replied.  "As serious as a fat kid in with an Ice Cream cone!  As serious as a midget in a nudist colony! What... too far?  But seriously, I'm seriously serious about this!"

I explain that if she moved in all her earnings could go into our household pot and we could get to that million a lot sooner!  The more I explained the more she came around to the idea and agreed to move in.  

Then we laughed and laughed.  She says such funny things.

"I'm going to work my butt off all day and bring back the cash and give it to you!"
"It's like some weird cult!"
"Ho Ho Haaaa!"
"You're a cult master and this is your commune!"

"Haaa Haa Ha!!  Wait...wait.... It'd be... WAIT!  Haaa Haaa!  It'd be like... like I was your slave!!  Ha Ha Ha!!"

"Pretty much"

We were just starting to decide on how this was all going to work.  I mean the house was not ready for another person moving in.

I told her I knew this great firm of house remodellers who had these magic gloves.  She didn't believe me that using them they could just grab the walls and stretch your house into any old wacky shape!  But it's true.  I swear.

But then the day turned really crazy..

"I think your waters just broke!"
"Nah! It's just the tap, no one round here does A THING!"

And so little Carson was born.  The hospital experience was traumatic but I've been told that by many people.  Since the Carnival Game Manufacturers bought it over its just not quite as .... errmm..'natural' anymore.  But little Carson is a perfect bundle of cooing, sleeping, crying and, at times, pretty smelly, perfection!

"Well, Hello!"

He's wonderful.  I could just watch him all day long.  Just holding him while he sleeps brings a kind of peace to me, like we are the only two in the world.  My perfect little baby.  I want to be with him all the time...

...except when I'm tired.  Then.. then he's daddy's problem!

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