Wednesday, 28 October 2015

Chapter 12 - Parsley

"That is one ugly painting"

Pregnancy is taking its toll.  I am lumbering about like an elephant with a peg leg.  My back hurts.  I'm tired.  And I can no longer, visually, confirm that I am wearing matching shoes.  But luckily it appears that my clothes are super stretchy as I haven't had to buy new ones at all!

"Wouldn't it be drier if you shut the water off first?"

Summer is coming over regularly to help me out and the boys have finally pulled their fingers out and started helping around the house.  Although their DIY skills leave a lot to be desired, but the good intentions are there.

"Must....Eat!  EAAAATTTT!"
I am currently consuming my body weight in food on a daily basis and am becoming more convinced that I am to give birth to a fully grown adult!  The house is still a mess, even with the boys "help", some things have been sitting out on the sides for weeks now, thing is no one else seems to notice.

"If it was you, would you fry up your placenta or just have them throw it away?"


I really think it is time that I had this baby, it seems much longer than three days, must be at least a week I've had to go through this.  And to be honest I think people are getting a bit sick of all my baby talk and planning.  I know they are trying but they do seem to be less enthusiastic than a couple of days ago.  I know I am also being a rubbish partner, but I am seriously just not in the mood!  Pawl is being great about it though and has taken a liking to having baths.


Tobias.... well we don't see much of Tobias lately.  He spends most of his time in his room with his painting.  And parsley.  And his paintings of parsley.

We are worried.

"Mmmmm herby!"

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