Saturday, 21 May 2016

Christmas Aspiration Attempt - Blog Post Five

It's my birthday. 

I am alone. 

For some reason this day seems more difficult than the others.

I guess it's because birthdays are meant to celebrate our achievements of the past year.

I have achieved very little.

I decide not to dwell.  I bake my absolute favourite cake.  Strawberry.  And I choose to see this as a fresh beginning to my quest.  I have been working hard on my painting and gardening skills. And have achieved the highest standard in both.  I have amassed quite a large amount of money through the selling of my paintings and my produce.

It is time for me to upgrade my little living area.  I have decided that although I might build the house bigger.  I will continue to live only in this little area.  I need to remain focused on my goal and the luxuries of the house will only serve to distract me.

The first area I choose to upgrade is the garden.  It is where I spend most of my time whilst I paint and some inspirational surroundings can only help that.  I add an array of beautiful flowers and a pond and fountain.  

I don't do any of the actual work myself, I cannot leave my tiny compound, but I have a helpful coordinator that takes my ideas and turns them into reality.

I also allow them to add a new room to the house.  A large sitting room.

I watch the furniture being shifted in and I am filled with sadness and excitement.  Once this quest is over I will be able to move through that locked door and see all those pieces, pieces I have earned, and to be able to enjoy them fully.  But until then I can only watch as they are marched passed me and out of sight.

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