Thursday, 26 May 2016

Chapter 57 - And Over At Tobias'

In the second of the neighbourhood updates we are going to visit Lillian.  If you remember she was the young love of Tobias.They moved out together after Lillian became pregnant.

Well their daughter was born, Katrina.  You have probably seen her around.  She used to hang out a lot at the Bustamantes when the twins were growing up.

Well, again, much like Troy, Tobias passed away before I could get in to play the household.  But it appears that Lillian has not been idle.  She had made a new friend in this fine looking specimen of manhood.

I did interrupt their autonomy and got Lillian to invite him to move in as she seemed hell-bent on plenty of this...

Moving him in did have some perks for Lillian and Katrina.  Mr. Sideburns came with his own bank balance so they were able to make some renovations to the house.  Perhaps Easter needs to find herself a wealthy man too!

Katrina has continued her visits to the house and has become very good friends with Kyle. There hasn't been any romantic interactions but she does tend to pull a sulky if Kyle is talking to other girls his age...

Whenever she comes over to the house she heads straight to the, rather murky looking, pond and gets all bikini'd up.  I don't know why they all use the pond rather than the pool but there you go, each Sim to their own.

"You have a pool but here we are again, in the pond!"

I don't know what will come of this friendship but who knows.  Kyle seems happy with just loads of friends at the moment.  I get the feeling that she is after more though.  Or perhaps she just has her eye on the big house!

"Soooo much closet space!"


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