Thursday, 28 April 2016

Chapter 49 - Oh No! Girls!

Kyle has decided that he wants to be a ladies man.  I don't entirely know what that means, I mean his aspiration is Mansion Baron, I guess this is just a side line thing.

But anyway, he has been off out through the neighbourhood looking for likely ladies to meet 'n' greet.  For some reason he always gets them talking about TV because his favourite chat up line is 'You should see mine, it's a big one."  I don't get it, and it seems that neither do the girls but Kyle is quite a charmer and when he starts talking about the mission to get the million they are usually suitably intrigued and want to find out more.

"And I would want to come to your place because...?"
He met Candy in the park and they chatted for ages.  She is always popping round now and they spend most of their time in the basement with the giant TV.  I guess his chat up line finally worked.  Or perhaps she is short sighted.  I guess that might be it.  There is defiantly something wrong with her eyesight because she seems to have missed some of her hair when she was getting it coloured.  Unless the whole pink thing is the mistake!  Now I don't know what to do, should I bring it up?

"Told you it was big!"
They seem to be great friends but there is another lady who visits Kyle on a regular basis.  Katrina.  Tobias' daughter.  She is very pretty.  She has been visiting since she was small, they are old, old friends and they spend most of their time playing chess or doing homework together.  I think Kyle may be a nerd.

"Move.  I DARE you!"

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