Saturday, 25 October 2014

Chapter 6 - Time to Get Some Homies

"Hello?  You Home?"

Luckily I was out.

I had taken it upon myself to cleanse my aura and find new people, new friends.  Less clingy ones. I headed to the picnic spot where I had spent my first lonely evening eating soggy burgers.  There was bound to be some people around there.

"Can I have one?"

I was right, there were people everywhere.  Apparently this was a weekly event, the neighbourhood cook out!  The basic idea seemed to be come down here, eat food and continually change seating arrangements whilst trying to have a conversation and/or eating said cooked food!  Excellent!  I can eat food.  I can talk.  I can have ants in my pants!

"Excuse me.  You are stepping INTO my body!"

I threw myself into it whole heartedly.  I quickly grabbed a hotdog, I think it may have belonged to someone else, but Hey Ho they can always get another one.  I grabbed a seat next to a guy in a cowboy hat and scarily attractive woman.  Buffalo Bill was very charming and we soon got talking about the weather and fishing, and all the usual small talk.  She seemed very quiet and never tried joining our conversation.  I introduced myself and she responded pleasantly enough but that was it.

"Hello.  I am giving you a massive wave even though you are sitting RIGHT there!"

"I don't mean to alarm you Miss but there is a bald guy staring at your neck."

The quiet woman on my right suddenly decided to have a conversation with us.  She introduced herself as Summer Holiday.  Yes, that's right we have another case of parental abuse in the name department.  I swear I have to bite my tongue every single time I hear some of these.  I fully expect the next person I meet to announce they are called Maya Normousbutt, Oliver Clothesoff, Anita Bath or heaven forbid, Drew P Weiner, and expect me to just stand there and nod politely!

"Yeah, so, Summer Holiday, my dad had a sense of humour I guess."

I was very much enjoying myself in the company of my two new acquaintances.  We sat and made small talk most of the afternoon.  I think I am going to like this Summer Holiday, the other guy, maybe, we'll have to wait and see.  I never caught the guy's name, guess he never threw it, but it didn't matter in the end as he didn't stay long.  He finished his food, saddled his horse and vamoosed. 

"Don't'cha love how these hotdogs are either there, in half or completely gone?  No matter how often you bite."

Summer Holiday soon followed and I was left alone on the bench.  But not for long.  Two new friendship wannabes arrived.  Hoods and baldy.  I realised that baldy was the weirdo neck sniffer from before.  I decided I had enough strange friends so I ignored him and focused only on the 'gansta' in white.  He seemed really nice.  He told me his name was Hugh Jass... no only joking, Tobias Kurtz.  I learnt very little about him personally except that he was an artist.  He seemed really friendly and very smart indeed.  I will have to keep my eye on this one.  He could become useful.

"Catch you later!"

"Ok, you are weirding people out now"


  1. Love your descriptions of the ... um ... unique Sims.

  2. Drew P. Weiner really got me.

    As a librarian that works in the cataloguing department, me and the head cataloguer are always snickering over the awful names we see on the front of books. I think my favorite name to grace the cover of a novel yet is "Harry Sidebottom."