Friday, 17 February 2017

Chapter 67 - Hi-Jinks? Well, Someone's Having a Laugh!

Well, this place just Popped up over night!

I'm sorry... did you say PIGS built a house?  And where, dear father, did these pigs acquire the necessary skills?
I have been spending as much time as I can with Pedro.  It isn't easy with work and what-have-you but I am told that if you pack as much knowledge into their tiny brains at this age it can give them certain advantages when they are older and I, for one, would certainly like that for Pedro.  

I would love for him to be the first Bustamante who gets to the top of their career!  It would be a great honour!

The next strange occurrence around here was the building of a 'city'.  It is a new concept wherein sims cram themselves into small, stackable houses.  Surround themselves with noise and bright lights, while they meet other cramped sims in one of the many coffee shops available and talk about how amazing it is to live in such a diverse and vibrant place but wouldn't it be great to get away from it all, just for a while.  So go and book a holiday in a forest.

They also like to hold a large assortment of events and as it happens the first one was all about laughing!  How could I not want to go and to take the family!?  The flyer plopped through the door, and by that I mean I vaguely became aware that was happening as if a bulletin had been splashed across the viewing screen of my life.

I took everyone, except Katrina, who was working, to the Hijinks Festival.  

But what I found when I got there, was anything but funny...

Think I'm holding Pedro, huh?
So....what about now?


Holy Mother of Mothballs!!  It's another Pedro, but this one is in 'girl'.

That creepy little lookalike toddler was there.  But this time she was not alone.  Her mother had brought her along.  I knew that I had to try and talk to her but I had no idea how to start this conversation off...

"Hi.  (friendly laugh) Isn't it crazy that BOTH our kids look like children of the corn!?"

I decided that I should check out the goings on at the festival first.  The main jist of the thing seemed to be buying merchandise, eating food, partaking of a few mind altering substances and then pulling pranks on everyone in the place in the name of fun.

Alexander and I gave it a go...

Ohhhh!  Geez!  It's like L'eau de Fart!

But that looks like something I could get into...

I'll admit that it was a bit of a laugh, even though I had only just aligned myself with a team (I chose jokster) before the contest was over.  Luckily for me the joksters won and so I got a share of the prizes!!  

But I knew that I had to get some answers about this strange little toddler.  So introduced myself to her mum.

'Mum' is younger than me and her name is Jennie McCann.  And apparently she knows all about me.  She said that she had wanted to come forward sooner but hadn't known how to broach the subject.

I invited her back to the house so that we could discuss things further and that she could tell her story.

It seems that after mum had died Jennie and dad had gotten close.  Real close.  Beyond the literal definition of close, if you catch my meaning.  And little Cherish (Lord, I know what Grandma Farrah had meant when she'd said Sims shouldn't be left to name their own kids!) was the result of that 'friendship'.

I was standing in the room with my half-sister!

This is startling news for a man who just had his adult birthday!

Happy Birthday to me!

So.  You and dad.... Nope! Wait!  Don't need that image!

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