Monday, 16 May 2016

Chapter 54 - How to Do It!

"Smells like green"
The Jasmine woman had told Alex that if she could grow a perfect growfruit then the rewards would be increased tenfold.  This had Alex intrigued.  Her competitive nature meant that there was no way she was letting this go.

"So what I need to do is grow a perfect growfruit.  I have never grown a perfect anything before.  I am not sure exactly what it takes.  Or how long it takes.  Or how I know when I have actually managed it."

"I have searched all over the internet and there is nothing about Growfruit anywhere.  Do you think that I should just assume it grows like any other plant?  Through the same stages I mean?  Have you ever actually looked at how long the plants take to go through each stage?  Is it the same for each plant?  Did you notice if anything we did sped it up?  Or slowed it down?  Please give me some help here!"

"Growfruit is such a silly name for it.  Doesn't all fruit grow?  Or perhaps it makes you grow when you eat it.  That would be cool.  I could get really, really big and then I would be able to get to work in just one step.  But.  How would I get into my office?  Do you think they would adapt the existing building for my giant needs or build a whole seperate complex just for me?  Both seem like massive undertakings.  Perhaps I would just be better off finding a new job.  I'll start looking tomorrow."

"Never mind I'll research these things myself."


  1. You so silly.... in the best possible way. :)
    Love your storytelling style.

    1. Thank you. I have found Carson a bit trickier to write for than Farrah was. But when he gets going on some of his rambles it's great. I usually wait for him to take the lead in them, with some of the screenshots I get, the situation is just perfect for his little digressions!!